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The Digital Bartender

Some of the Saloon's Facebook pals may have wondered

People who friended Mike & the Windy Ridge Saloon on Facebook may be wondering who this guy Ric is over here being digital bartender in the web domain.

Decades ago, when radio was king and theater of the mind, each episode of the show Duffy's Tavern opened with the line, "Hullo, Duffy's Tavern, where the elite meet to eat, Archie the manager speaking, Duffy ain't here. ... Oh, Hi, Duffy!", and that's sorta how it is over here on the internet side. 

Michael is busy managing the physical saloon while Ric, the sound guy, manages the digital side of the saloon for the next little while.  Especially with the coming weekend off next weekend, the first in many blue moons.  Plenty of time in a week end staycation to boot a few templates and add some better ones, work at bringing more plug-ins online, upload video clips and sound files, and work on finding some good recipes.

The past couple years I, Ric the sound tech, have dedicated weekends to making sure there was adequate sound gear for open mike nights at the Windy Ridge, making sure there was an electric guitar and bass in case anybody forgot theirs, and, this last year, that there was a small drum kit, too, as well as some basic lighting to enhance the videos people were taking.  Since I have also been known to do digital media it was a logical step to have me dorking around in here since nobody had done a thing since December of 2015 when software was first boosted in on FTP.

Although I manage a few web domains I do not do Facebook, so there is no need to like me or send friend requests.  You can, however, join us here by signing up and logging in & be friends at the Windy Ridge when you are there for Open Mike nights.

And Duffy's?  Many episodes are in the public domain and available for download at no cost thanks to the works of the Old Time Radio Researchers Group and hundreds of volunteers who worked to preserve this aspect of our American cultural heritage and the tireless volunteers at Archive.Org.  Stuff some in your mp3 player and take your mind for a ride back to some good old days of cute comedy sitcoms on the radio.

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