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About to The Windyridge Saloon Web Domain!

This domain was an orphan

The old Windyridge Saloon domain registration and Blog blog hosting were never paid for so it fell into the possession of the person who was hired to set it up..

After over a year passing by not one blog entry was ever made. After installing a Content Management System hardly anybody was using the site anyway so it was all deleted off this server.

Although the Windy has been closed down for ages, it was thought the domain might be re-purposed to highlight some of the players at the weekend open mic sessions.

Another thought was to use it as a repository for recipes!

Don't bookmark it just yet because who knows when it will get a crew in here to build stuff. At any rate, this space won't go to waste too long.

Suggestions would be welcome if there was a place to send them. There isn't

Have a great day!

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